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Dear Customer,


            Thank you for your interest in Kline Aviation.  We do top quality work for low prices, and we are able to offer such low prices for several reasons.  Kline Aviation is a privately owned shop that has been in business at the same location since 1979.  We operate with low overhead and few employees; we do our own accessories and cylinder work, except for welding and chroming.  The big shops usually charge for case and cylinder repairs up front and replace some parts even if they don’t need replacing.  Since we do only 40 to 50 engines a year, we are able to provide personalized service to each customer and charge only for the work that actually needs to be done.  We also offer new cylinder assembly at additional cost, if you prefer.


            This quote includes the installation of the following new parts: pistons, piston pin plugs, ring set, exhaust valves, exhaust guides, exhaust studs, all valve springs and keepers, rotor caps and oil pressure spring, all main and rod bearings, rod bolts and nuts, oil pump gears, gaskets and hosed, crank and tach seals, cam and cam followers ground, and new ignition harness.  On O-300’s we replace C/W pins, clips and plates.  All parts are FAA-PMA approved.


            All engine parts are vat dipped, cleaned and inspected, we polish and dimensional check the crank and magnuflux all steel parts.  We bead blast all cylinders, size and crack check, grind all valve seats and intake valves, mill ex ports and deglaze.  The case is dimensionally checked and zygloed for cracks.  We reassemble the engine with reference to manufacturer’s overhaul manual, and repaint it with engine enamel.  No parts are returned to service if they are below manufacturer’s new sizes.  WE DON’T DO SERVICE LIMIT OVERHAULS!


            We disassemble, clean and inspect mags and carburetors.  On mags we replace points, seal and lube all bearings.  On carburetors, we change all gaskets and set the float level. All other components are checked and tested.  Overhaul of fuel injection systems, prop governor, fuel pumps, hydraulic pumps and vacuum pumps will be extra unless otherwise stated.  We no longer repair starters, alternators, or generators and we do not overhaul accessories but we will do repairs on them.


            The quoted/base price is good only if all parts are serviceable.  Additional charges will be assessed to remove broken studs, install helicoils, for bad crank or cam, bad cam followers, cylinders that need ground, chromed or welded, valve seat replacement, rocker boss bushings, rod bushings or rocker arm bushings, piston pins, rocker shafts, R and R of engine, or for new engine mounts and any other engine part that fails to pass inspection.  It will also cost extra for any part or parts installed in accessories not listed above.  The turn around time is approximately eight weeks once we start on it.


            I hope I have answered all your questions.  If not please feel free to contact me at the above phone number.  This price is good for six months from the date of this letter.  Again, thank you.